Hi, I'm Lukas Millar!

I do IT Networking, Cloud and Computer Systems Administration.

About me

Since a young age, I've had a special interest in computers and technology. I've enjoyed building my own custom computer rigs, as well as exploring different programs and gadgets.

I am a proud Canadian and Czech dual citizen, and as of March 2024, I live in Ottawa, Ontario.

My education and experience

I completed the Computer Systems Technician program at Seneca Polytechnic in Toronto, where I earned my Ontario College Diploma.

In addition to that, I have my Microsoft Azure AZ-900 certification, and I'm currently working on obtaining other certifications in networking, cloud, and SysAdmin fields.

I have worked for:

Cloud Architecture and administration

I am a big fan of the flexibility cloud providers offer. Creating servers and networks in "someone else's datacenter".

Scripting in
Python and Powershell

Using Python and PowerShell scripting to automate tasks. Because repetitive tasks are boring!

Linux | Unix and
Windows Server

Majority of online services run on Linux and Windows Server environments, so there is always something new to learn each day.

IPv4 and IPv6 Networking

From cable to wireless, from bits to TCP/UDP packets. I know how to make the data flow reliably!

The key skills I am constantly working on


Firewall rules, access control lists, and VPNs. Just a few things to consider to protect clients from threats.

SD Wan and NFV

Overlaying networks on top of traditional WAN is the newest evolution of the internet.
So cool!

My hobbies


I have a passion for learning and experimenting with new technology, particularly computer components, networking gear, consoles, and audio-video equipment.

Additionally, I have a small HomeLab server where I tinker with various systems and programs.

Exploring the world

I have traveled extensively throughout Europe and parts of North America. I love the natural beauty of Canada and enjoy spending weekends outdoors or relaxing in the countryside.

History and science

I genuinely enjoy visiting museums and historical sites to learn about the past. Meanwhile, the present is driven by cutting-edge engineering and technological advancements, such as SpaceX, AI, and much more, which are propelling the world forward.

Contact me

If you have a question, suggestion or just want to give me feedback, please, don't hesitate to reach out!

MacBook Pro turned on
MacBook Pro turned on

Networking, Cloud and System Admin

Proficient in utilizing a wide array of tools and technologies such as server OS administration (Windows Server, Unix/Linux), VMware and KVM Hypervisors, Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure), enterprise switches and routers (like Cisco, Aruba or Ubiquiti)
containerization (Docker), and databases.

What are my key strengths?

Azure and AWS

Two industry leaders in cloud computing, empowering businesses to optimize their applications and infrastructure with scalable efficiency in the cloud.

Servers, VMs and Containers

Modern computing relies on servers as the backbone, VMs for virtualization flexibility, and containers for streamlined application deployment and management.


Using fiber, ethernet cables and Wi-Fi to enable secure connections across devices and people.

System Administration

SysAdmin ensures seamless, secure, and efficient server operations to deliver essential services to users.